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So you are here landed because you have some issues in Yandex.Mail and you needed a direct support from its extensions. Don’t worry; we will help you to sort out the issue.Yandex.Mail – might be only 20% of the world’s population is using this web mail. Compare to the other web accounts, Yandex.Mail is quite less famous. Such confusion ones, we want to ask one question that have you ever heard about the issues in Yandex.Mail like Yandex.Mail mail is hacked, Yandex.Mail is not working, account access denied, Yandex.Mail password not working such so. Might be you heard these issues, but it is fewer reported as compare to other web accounts. So that is the notable feature of Yandex.Mail.

It has good and unique features like powerful and trouble free web access, POP and IMAP support, unlimited message storage. Mobile apps for various operating system, good and securable access, problematic mailing etc. Also Yandex.Mail enabled with good messaging templates, themes, surface applications, reminders, browser enabled applications, support templates etc. Here is the quick outlook about the Yandex.Mail features.It helps you to send the bigger files, you can instantly view the files in the formats such as PDF, Doc, XLS, PPT and RTF

Message alert system in Yandex.Mail found unique and most different as compare to other web account. That means, if you didn’t replay to a message within five days, you will receive a pop-up message from Yandex.Mail. DSN (Delivery notification) embedded application in the mail helps you to receive the accurate information about the delivered messages. Unlike Other web mail clients, you can see a built in messaging translator. Contact Yandex.Mail technical support to know more about the avail languages. Embedded options like task manager, labels, spam filters, SSL/TLS connections, RSS news feed reader added better mailing experience to the users.Yandex.Mail filters that potentially helps to filter the incoming mails in the account. It enroll automatic operations such as forwarding the mail to some other address, sending automatic replies, deleting certain mails etc.Beyond the vibrant features, one question usually come up in the end users mind – How to contact the Yandex.Mail technical support? Here we are providing some most useful technical support numbers of Yandex.Mail. You can use this customer support extensions for the questions about the billing plans, error reporting in sending and receiving of messaging, for guidance and support or to learn about any specific applications. They will help you to resolve the issues in time. We understand value of your time. If the direct email extension is not found practicable for you do contact the assistance of Yandex.Mail third party technical support for rapid assistance and issue fixing.

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  • Continue speaking the word “agent” until your call gets transferred
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