Difference between Android and Windows Phone

In today’s high technology and fast moving world, Smartphone has become an essential necessitate of individuals. Numbers of corporate all across the world are incessantly involved to somehow develop a pioneering and imaginative mobile device by using the latest technology. Here we will take a deep look on world’s two leading mobile development environment i.e. Android and Windows Phone:

Difference between Android and Windows Phone

Android Phone

Android is one of the most popular open source Linux-based operating system especially designed for smartphones and tablets. In 2007, it was released by Google as element of the Open Handset Alliance and quickly became the preferred choice of people. There are many properties are associated with android phone; some of them are as follows:

  • Extremely customizable.
  • Allows third party application developers to release applications for Android without illuminating the source code.
  • Offers custom virtual machine that doesn’t solely help in running applications but also act as interface in between system and the code.
  • Support advanced network connection like 3G.
  • Customized SQL engine is also supported by this for persistent storage.
  • Facilitates the usage of 2D and 3D graphics libraries.
  • Has attention-grabbing look and superior performance.
  • Support more than 700,000 applications.
  • Updates are provided by third-part also.
  • Supports Multi-touch UI.


Windows Phone

When Windows Phone was launched, Android was already starting its dramatic mount. However due to its incredible functionality, customizability and rapid update cycle it got the likes of largest share of people worldwide. Microsoft Corporation has developed it as a series of proprietary software. It is recognized as the closed-source which refers “company is solely responsible to develop this software and it is protected by copyright”. Some of its amazing properties are mentioned below:

  • Support multiple languages.
  • Have intuitive keyboard, smart storage, excellent battery backup and many more.
  • Allow users to click, edit and share high definition quality of images and videos.
  • Integration of Bing that is more than a search engine.
  • Applications are developed by either Windows or a company who is tie-up with Microsoft.
  • Has limited number of applications.
  • Updates will be completed by only Microsoft.
  • Support Metro UI interface.

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