Difference between Navy Seals and Delta Force

Armed forces have an incredible importance for a country as they are responsible for providing a complete protection to nation’s citizens and territory against unusual threats. Historically, we can’t imagine the existence of a nation without the power of military. Navy Seals and Delta Force are two special branches of military who deals with special terrorist activities. Both are powerful and super soldiers but still it is an on-going debate to find the tougher among them. Let’s take a deep look on both of them.

Delta Force

Delta Force was formed in October, 1977 by U.S. army Colonel Charles Beckwith to provide an effective response against the terrorist activities was going on those days. They have specialization in counter-terrorism activities such as inspection, barricade operations and hostage rescue, but they are multitalented group and therefore can perform several other secret missions. Each member of Delta force came from diverse branches of military and is properly screened mentally as well as physically before allowing them to enter into an intensive six-month training program. They are package of danger for the terrorist activities.

Navy Seals    

No one can underestimate the presence of Nave Seals force as they have played an amazing role while killing the terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden. It was fashioned by President Kennedy in 1962 by selected members of U.S. Navy. Delta force had their horrible day when they failed to rescue 66 American hostages in Iran in 1980. But we can’t compare these two forces in this context. No doubt the both Navy Seals and Delta Force are real champion and can perform exceptionally well via air, land and water against unconventional warfare, counter-terrorism actions and investigation.

Delta Force and Navy Seals both have been performing anti-terrorists operation exceedingly since the time of its establishment. Hence, it is very tough to differentiate them based on their performance as both have capacity to finish their operation with full accuracy.

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