Difference between Shampoo and conditioner

Hair plays a vital role in the personality of a person. They add beauty and grace to your body and help you in looking good. It would be quite hard for you to imagine yourself without hair. Therefore it is very essential to take good care of your hair to keep them healthy, shiny and clean. There are number of hair products and treatments available in the market that can be used to give an amazing look to your hair.

Shampoo and conditioner are the basic requirement for hair care. They are essential to keep hair healthy and clean. Both the products are commonly used by the people, still some people wonder that what is the difference between two of them? Let’s have a brief discussion regarding the same.


Shampoo is a hair care product specially formulated to remove oil, pollutants, dirt, dead skin cells and other dust from your hair. Shampoo consists of cleansing surfactants such as detergents, SLS and SLES which can enfold the dirt and oil and rinse them away with water. As shampoo removes the oil, they make hair feel dryer.  Shampoos are somewhat acidic.


Conditioner is also a hair care product that is intended to use for giving smooth and shiny look to your hair. They are gentle and mild to help your hair to grow healthy, manageable and soft. Conditioner also contains conditioning surfactants that are positively charged to stick with damaged hair. They also have cetyl alcohol, silicones and other important ingredients. Once washed cetyl alcohol and other ingredients rinse away with water and silicone remain stick to damaged hair to maintain smoothness. Hair stands soften by applying conditioner. They improve hair texture and your hair would be easy to comb and style. Conditioners have glossers and moisturizers to give shiny look to your hair.

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