Difference b/w Tablet and Smartphone

In this modern technology era, people get confused when they are going to choose a device that get launched every now and then whether it is a tablet or any one of countless android smart phones. The constant technology advancements have even created more difficulty to choose the right device because today a device that you consider to be highly advance can easily become outdated within a year only. Therefore, the most common problem that many individuals face today is whether to spend their money on a tablet or a Smartphone.

Both the devices have lots of similarities as they run on same operating system so it’s very hard to differentiate them. But still some distinctions exist that are considered as the reason of each device’s popularity. The major difference between both the devices is their processor and screen size. Tablets have comparatively bigger screen than Smartphones and also have more memory to perform every task similar to laptop. The screen size of tablets normally lies between 7-11 inches which looks like mini laptops.

Most of the latest apps are compatible with both smartphones and tablets but there are also some apps that only run in smartphones and not in tablets or some apps are only supported by tablets. They can’t be used to make calls or to send SMS and provide a good multimedia experience to user as it have additional computational abilities as compared to smartphones.


Smartphones have good feature of portability, people can easily carry them in their pockets but due to the larger size of tablet device it is bit uncomfortable to hold them all the time with you. Another main difference between smartphone and tablet is their connectivity. Smartphone can be connected with internet through Wi-Fi and 3G connections to surf internet and downloaded data but most of the tablet devices only have Wi-Fi connectivity.

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