McDonald’s App Not Working – Fix Problems 2021

You might know what McDonald’s is if you are a fan of fast food. It is one of the most popular chains of restaurants that offer tasty food. To give more convenience to its users, McDonald’s has launched its mobile application. This mobile app allows customers to order food online and get special deals to use at actual restaurants. The app is quite sophisticated and designed to work flawlessly. Still, there are some inevitable issues that keep troubling users every now and then. This article is just for you in case your McDonald’s App is not working properly. Here, we will discuss simple solutions to fix some of the most common McDonald’s App problems.

Common McDonald’s App issues

No matter how well it is designed, no app is completely immune to all kinds of errors and issues. It is quite possible that you might be facing a completely unique problem. However, there are some very common problems faced by a lot of users as given below.

  • McDonald’s app doesn’t send a confirmation email after ordering
  • Special deals not appearing on the McDonald’s app
  • McDonald’s app freezing and hanging every now and then
  • Authentication required’ error message even if I am entering the details correctly.
  • Sorry, something wrong happened’ error when I am doing any action on the McDonald’s app
  • “We are having problems processing your payment. Please try another payment method” while making payment on the app
  • McDonald’s app is not connecting to the Internet
  • McDonald’s app not opening
  • Unable to log into McDonald’s application on my Android phone
  • McDonald’s app not working on iPhone
  • Can’t load McDonald’s on android or iOS device
  • The McDonald’s app not saving card when trying to add it to the payment options
  • McDonald’s app refusing to connect to the Internet

In addition to these issues, there are many other problems that can cause trouble for McDonald’s app users. However, the good thing is that it is easy to fix all of these problems if you know the correct process to do so.

What causes McDonald’s app not to work?

Unfortunately, there is no one fixed reason that we can point out as responsible for problems like McDonald’s app not working. Different factors are responsible for the occurrence of various problems as shown in the table below.

Common Issues with McDonald’s AppPossible reasons behind them
Unable to log into McDonald’s appYou are entering an incorrect password Making typing mistake while entering McDonald’s username
McDonald’s app not loadingThere might be a problem with your internet connection This issue also occurs due to server-side issues In case there is bad application data then you may find it difficult to use McDonald’s app If the device on which you are trying to open McDonald’s app then you might have to face problems in loading the app.
App not connecting to the internetYour device is not connected to the Internet Accumulation of way too many cache and cookies Corrupt installation files are also responsible for such kind of issues.
Sorry, something wrong happened’ error message in McDonald’s applicationThe device on which you are using McDonald’s app is running out of storage space. You are not connected to a fast and smooth internet connection There is an issue at the end of McDonald’s server The installation file from which you have installed McDonald’s app is corrupt.

Other common factors that can cause McDonald’s app to under perform

  • Outdated application version: In the version of McDonald’s app you are using is outdated then you might have to face problems in the application.
  • Corrupted application files: Sometimes, if the application that we are using may have corrupt files which may result in errors and issues.  
  • Corrupted profile data: The app of McDonald’s stores your profile data to give you a customized experience. Many times, these profiles get corrupted which results in different errors.
  • Bugs in the application causing glitches: In case the application itself is corrupt then it is obvious that it will show different malfunctioning. 
  • Wrong installation file or process: It is always advised that users should download and install McDonald’s app from the Google play store for Android devices and from the App store for iOS devices. However, if you have downloaded the same from any third-party source then you have to deal with errors and issues.

Fix McDonald’s App not working problem with ease

In order to provide you with an exact solution to fix your problem, it is necessary for us to know the particular issue you are dealing with. Still, we have compiled some general solutions that you can try in order to fix McDonald’s App on your phone. Please note that these solutions are progressive in nature it means you should move on to the subsequent solutions only if the last solution doesn’t work.

1st Solution: Connect to a reliable Internet Connection

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you are connected to a reliable Internet connection. Most of the issues that we have listed in this post are caused due to a slow and interrupted internet connection.  It is often recommended that you should switch to mobile data connection in case you are using public wifi. You can contact your Internet service provider in case the problem continues.

2nd Solution: Login to the application once again

As we have already stated in this post, an issue can also occur due to corrupt profile data. A reliable way by which you can fix this issue is re-logging into the application. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to log into your application once again.

  • First of all, you need to click on your profile name that is present at the top of the navigation bar. This bar will appear whenever you slide the left edge of the screen to the right.
  • Then, click on the “Log Out” button present at the bottom of the screen.
  • Wait until the application logs you out. Once you are logged out then, you need to provide your username and password once again.
  • After logging in once again, your problem should get fixed. In case the problem continues, you may move on to the next solution.   

3rd Solution: Make sure there is no service outage in your area

It is also possible that there might not be any problem at your end. Both your application and device might be fine. Actually, the problem can also occur at the McDonald’s servers. You can visit the various forums in order to check if there is any service outage in your area.

You may also try launching McDonald’s application at another location. If it is working fine at another location it means that there is some local service outage in your area. In this situation, you just have to wait for a few hours for the service to resume once again. These service outages are generally due to routine maintenance and get fixed within a few hours.

4th Solution: Clear Application data

The accumulation of way too many cache and cookies are also responsible for many problems with the McDonald app. You may easily fix this problem by clearing out the caches and cookies. Here’s how you can delete this data from your app.

  • First of all, you need to open settings in your application and tap on the “Apps” button.
  • Next, you have to find and tap “McDonald’s” from the list.
  • Then, tap on the “Storage” space.
  • Now, the following two options will appear on your screen i.e. “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”. You have to tap on both the options.
  • You may launch the “McDonald’s” app once again and see if the issue is resolved.

5th Solution: Reinstall the Application

The above-mentioned steps should fix the problem you are facing with the McDonald’s app. However, if the problem continues then you should uninstall and reinstall the application once again. The steps to reinstall McDonald’s are as follows.

  • Firstly, you should press and hold McDonald’s app icon. Then, uninstall the application once the option appears.
  • Then, go to the play store from your device and search for “McDonald’s” from the top of the screen.
  • Tap on the official McDonald’s app from the search result.
  • Finally, tap Install to begin the installation of the application.

You should launch the application once again if this resolves the problem.  

6th Solution: Order food from the website

In case the application is still not working then you recommend you order food from the website. You may visit the official website and login with your ID and password. The user interface of the McDonald’s app is as good as the application.