Top Ten Best Car Manufacturers in US

Buying a car is very time-consuming and expensive time in a consumer’s life. When you are planning to purchase a car, you should need to have good knowledge about the vehicle such as car features, working of car, negative aspects, ex- showroom price, on road price and lots of other information. If you will collect good knowledge about your dream car before purchasing then it may save your time and money. Today automobiles industry has widely expanded and various car manufacturers are designing different categories of car models. Here we are going to discuss about top ten car companies in USA:

  • Tesla: Tesla is number one car company in USA among all auto brands. In 2013 company has revolutionized electric cars. The most popular and classic models of this company are Tesla model S and Tesla roadster which has also become first fully electric sports cars.
  • Bugatti: this company is second leading trender among automobiles in USA. Bugatti is a well known French car company and has renowned for its innovative and luxurious car achievements. The begatti veyron is one of the best fastest cars of all time.
  • Mini: this car is made by BMC in 1959 and it is one of the very small economy cars. This brand is popular for its great ease of use, decent performance and stylishness. California car consumers has mini on their first preference rather than any other state.
  • Ford: ford is one of the most famous and favorite auto brands for American people. With headquarter based in Detroit, ford has manufacture more than 5.5 billion of cars and has engaged over 215000 of various employed globally which is very amazing information.
  • Jeep: it is also another most popular brand of American auto brands. Jeep is comes under the fiat and crysler group and that includes wide range of sport utility vehicles and off road vehicles.
  • Toyota: Toyota is one of the largest car makers in the world that sells bigger amount of cars yearly as compare to other car company. Camry and corolla are the most selling brand of this corporation.
  • GMC: this is top 7 car company in the list of USA top car brands. GMC sells bariety of military vehicles, vans, commercial trucks, buses and many other sport utility automobiles.
  • Dodge:  from the last few decades, dodge has become popular for its innovative SUV’s and trucks.
  • Subaru:  it is very well known Japanese Car Company that is renowned for its innovative model Impreza globally.  Subaru’s SUVs cars are also very popular in USA.
  • Mazda: this is on 10 numbers in the list of popular USA car companies. This company is famous for offering users with relatively reasonable and useful cars.

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