Acuity Insurance Customer Service & Support Phone Number

Genuine and updated Acuity Customer Service Phone Number you can find at our portal in case you are the one amongst customers of Acuity and for clarification of your queries you’d like to communicate with their customer service representative. So, well we understand the inconvenience you have to face while searching out contact number of any company or organization through various websites or resources associated with that particular company or website. That’s why we came into existence so that we could keep you away from those inconvenience by provide genuine customer service number or helpline number of that company. The contact details related to Acuity Insurance Company are mentioned below. Apart from the Acuity Customer Service Phone Number you can also find contact number of other companies across the world.

Corporate Headquarter Contact Details Acuity Insurance

Acuity Insurance headquarter address: 2800 South Taylor Drive, PO Box 58, Sheboygan, WI 53082 – 0058
Acuity Insurance Phone Number: 920.458.9131
Acuity Insurance Fax: 920.458.1618
Acuity Insurance Email:,

Acuity Insurance Claims Services Contact Details

Acuity Insurance Phone number: 800.242.7666
Acuity Insurance Fax: 888.880.9588
Email id of Acuity Insurance:
Address of Acuity Insurance: 2800 South Taylor Drive, Sheboygan, WI 53081 – 8474, innesota Electronic Medical Billing Mandate
ACUITY Payor ID Number: ACU99
ACUITY Clearinghouse/Payor Services Vendor: WorkCompEDI Inc.
Acuity Insurance contact number: 1.800.297.6906
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Monday through Friday, Central Time)
Or send WorkCompEDI an email at:

Acuity Insurance Policy Services Contact Details

Personal Policy Services
Phone: 800.242.7666 ext 5522
Fax: 920.458.1618
Commercial Policy Services
Phone: 800.242.7666 ext 5533
Fax: 920.458.1618
E-mail id: ,

Acuity Insurance Human Resources Contact details

Address: 2800 South Taylor Drive, Sheboygan, WI 53081 – 8474
Phone: 920.458.9131
Fax: 920.458.7299

Acuity Insurance Sales Contact Details

Address: 2800 South Taylor Drive, PO Box 58, Sheboygan, WI 53082 – 0058
Phone: 800.242.7666
Fax: 920.458.0616

Acuity Insurance Help Desk (Technical Support) Contact Details

Address: Phone: 800.242.7666 ext 4357
Fax: 920.458.1618

Acuity Insurance is headquartered in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and had got its reputation as 80th biggest insurer across the United State. So you can imagine the number of customers it contains. Users also have to face varieties of issues in their day to day life related to the service offered by Acuity Insurance Company and the best way they come out from those issues is communicating with customer service representative.

Our main motto is to provide you the path by following which without having any hassle you can communicate with customer service representative of Acuity Insurance. The path contains contact info, phone number or helpline number. Customer service representatives of Acuity Insurance are quite friendly and will resolve your query step by step for better service. We’re truly assured about the contact details offered by us and thus hoping that these contact details will definitely help you as per your requirement. So, without wasting your time through numerous resources simply put the URL of our website in your address bar and get entered into our largest portal.

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