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Quickly find out here the trusted contact information of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) consumer enquiry resources, phone number and various embedded feedback link of Food and Drug Administration.  We tried to update this information as best as possible, however there are lots of companies now days updating their contact information constantly. According to us, in all such cases it is not easily as possible to update support data information. By any means, if you ever notice an error in this displayed information; do let us know the exact error that you notice. We will initiate an immediate action to fix it.  FDA is a public sector organization that managed by United States Department of Health and Human Services.  It missioned in ensuring food safety, resisting blood transfusions and mission in providing and tobacco products. The organization currently headquartered in Maryland, United States and its area of serving regions including Chile, Belgium, China, India, Costa Rica and the United Kingdom. Here is all about the detailing of FDA customer support and its concerned contact details.

Phone Number: 301-827-4573

How to connect to a live technician:
  • Continue speaking the word “agent” until your call gets transferred
Working Hours of Operation:
  • 24 hours, 7 days
Email Information:
Contact Customer service link:
Company URL:

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