Edge Star Customer Service & Support Phone Number

This listing is all about the finest customer support details of Edge Star support details, which are re-directed from its official contact sources. However on now days it is a usual sawn phenomenon that the companies constantly altering their support information’s. This is either due to the over rising customer complaints or else the issue happens in the support extensions. In all such cases it is not at all possible to update the contact information. Anyhow if an error is notices in the account, let it know. We will edit and update the contact details. EdgeStar is a leading home appliances brand that owned and operated by Living Direct, Inc. The company is a leading manufacturer of products including home appliances, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ice-makers, laundary, air-conditioners, refrigerators and various home appliances. The company EdgeStar today acclaimed as a pioneering organization to develop the compact and portable appliance that are totally designed for today’s busy lifestyles. This listing is the detailed explanation about the further customer service details of the edge star corporation.

Phone Number: 866-319-5473

How to connect to a live technician:
  • Continue speaking the word “agent” until your call gets transferred
Working Hours of Operation:
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Email Information:
Contact Customer service link:
Company URL:

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