Fix Instagram Not Working 2021 – Fix Instagram App Problems

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms available today. It is often said that Instagram has generally replaced Facebook due to its many attractive functions and features. One of the main reasons why Instagram is so famous is its reliability. Most of the time, Instagram works smoothly and flawlessly if you are connected to the Internet. However, it is also true that Instagram can show some unexpected errors and issues sometimes. This post is just for you in case Instagram not working on your PC/ Mobile device. Here, we will discuss simple solutions to most of the problems due to which Instagram is not working for you.

Check and Confirm Instagram is not down

Before we move on to discuss meticulous steps to fix different Instagram issues we must ensure that the application is not down. Although it is rare there are sometimes when Instagram doesn’t work because of an issue with its servers.

To see if there is an Instagram server outage, you may check the down detector. Alternatively, you may also visit twitter because an Instagram outage is often reported there. However, there is no official account on Twitter for Instagram help. You can visit the official Instagram page on Twitter to know about any status update.

How to fix Instagram not working 2021?

Now, let’s discuss solutions and troubleshooting measures to fix some specific Instagram problems.

Unable to sign-in to Instagram/ Instagram not accepting my password

Like on other social media websites, Instagram also uses a combination of correct username and password it identify its legitimate users. Given below are some steps you can try in case your Instagram password is not working and you are not able to sign in.

  • First of all, confirm and ensure that you are connected to the internet. Having a proper internet connection is the foremost requirement to log into Instagram.
  • Make sure you are not making any typing mistakes while entering your password on Instagram.
  • In case you can’t remember the password then you have reset the same. In order to reset your password, you have to verify a code that will be sent to your phone number or registered email ID.
  • If you ever receive an email from Instagram stating that you have changed your email address without your knowledge then you must click “Revert that changed”. It is an indication that your account is hacked. In this situation, you should change your Instagram password immediately. To add further security, you may also change your email address registered with Instagram.
  • To further enhance Instagram security, you should enable two-factor authentication.

Instagram Application not opening/ Instagram stopped working all of a sudden

Using Instagram if it is not opening can be quite frustrating at the same time very irritating as well. Here are a few solutions that you can try in order to fix your app.

  • Firstly, you should check your internet connection. Make sure your android/ iOS device is connected to a wifi/ mobile device connection.
  • In case the problem continues then you should restart your device after some time.
  • The next thing that you can try is deleting the Instagram app from your device and reinstall it back again. You might have to sign-in once again after reinstalling Instagram.

Not able to post on Instagram/ Unable to post comments or pictures on Instagram/ Instagram crash while uploading images

We all use Instagram to share our views, comment, pictures, and liking. But, sometimes, you can face problems while posting your images, comment, or even liking anything on Instagram. Check out the solution to fix this problem.

  • First of all, make sure you have not crossed the anti-spam limit. This limit is created by Instagram to prevent users from spammers.
  • In case you are sure that you have not crossed the anti-spam limit then you must check your Internet connection. It is necessary to have a smooth internet connection to post images, comments on Instagram. Try to post anything on another website, if you can post then your internet connection is working fine.
  • If Instagram crashes at the time of posting stuff on the app then you should delete caches of the application and try again.
  • Please note that comments with the following things are not allowed on Instagram.
    • Having more than 5 mentions
    • Having more than 30 hashtags.
    • Posting the same comments again and again is also not allowed.
  • Restart your device and launch Instagram again to see if this resolves the problem.
  • Uninstall the application and reinstall it once again to check if you can post or not.

I can’t follow anyone on Instagram/ Instagram not allowing me to follow anyone

Some of you can also face problems in following anyone on Instagram. Check the following points to know more about this issue.

  • The main reason behind this error is that you might have reached the maximum limit of following 7500 people on Instagram. This limit is decided by Instagram to limit spammers.
  • To follow new people after reaching the limit, you have to unfollow some of your current friends.
  • It is possible that you might have seen people following more than 7500 people on Instagram. Well, the reason behind that is that they have followed more people before the existence of new rules.

Not able to post from Instagram to Facebook/ Facebook permission problem on Instagram

Instagram app is now owned by Facebook. This facilitates posting images to your Facebook account through your Instagram account. Problems of not being able to post from Instagram to Facebook can occur when you accidently delete Instagram from your Facebook account. Given below are the steps by which can again configure Facebook with Instagram.

  • Remove both Facebook and Instagram from your Phone.
  • Also, remove Instagram from your Facebook account settings.
  • Next, you should install Instagram and Facebook once again. Connect the two services again after installing them.
  • If you ever receive an error message that your Instagram photo album is full on Facebook then you must change the name of your current Instagram album on Facebook.

How to retrieve a disabled Instagram account?

We have seen many users posting complains like my Instagram account is disabled, how to get back a disabled Instagram account, etc. Well, such users should note that this problem occurs only because of your action. You might have breached some Instagram community guidelines which might have caused this issue. You can’t do anything to re-activate your account but request Instagram to do so. Make sure you explain why your account should not be disabled in a clear manner.

Frequently Asked Question

After checking solutions to common Instagram problems, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about Instagram.

Question – 1: Is it possible to schedule a post on Instagram?

Answer: yes, you can schedule a post on Instagram. However, you must have an Instagram Business account in order to do so. Remember, Instagram Business accounts are always public you can’t make them private.

Question – 2: How to post on Instagram without Giving Access to Camera, Photos or Mic?

Answer: Although it is not possible through the Instagram app, you can do this through the mobile website.

  • First of all, you have to open Instagram on your phone’s browser.
  • Tap “+” option available at the bottom and then “Photo Library”.
  • Next, you should click on a new photo and select “Choose your photo” option.
  • Edit the photograph if you want and click “Next”.
  • Write a caption of your choice and press “Share” once you are done.

Question – 3: How can I hide my online status and Read receipt on Instagram?

Answer: If you don’t want to show anyone that you are online then you can hide the same by following the steps below.

  • Firstly, you need to open Instagram and go to “Settings”.
  • Then, tap “Privacy” followed by “Activity Status”.
  • In the next step, you have to turn off show activity status.

After following the above steps, none one will be able to know that you are online. However, by doing this, you will also not be able to see the activity status of your friends.

Question – 4: How to disable comments on my Instagram post?

Answer: No one likes trolling/ hate speeches on their post. To stop this, you can disable comment on your post by following the steps listed below.

  • Open any of your Instagram posts and select the three-dot icon available at the top-right corner.
  • Next, you need to tap “Turn off commenting”.
  • You may turn off comments even before posting an image on Instagram. To do the same, you have to select “Advanced settings” at the time of adding a caption or location to your Instagram post. Then, on the next page, you must enable the “Turn off commenting” option.